You really get to connect with the country and the people. I have posted video on youtube on a short farewell from our awesome South India tour guide, Sudha. Consider yourselves lucky if you get him, or better yet, ask for him. He made the trip 10x better than it could have been. All the "roughing" it way more than worth it to see the genuine, warm, faces of the local people, both old and young. They make you feel so welcome! Really the soul of India!

NY Traveler USA

There are not enough superlatives to describe our south India trip (September - October 2014.) I am trying to organise the over 10,000 photos taken on this trip. If you have traveled to northern India you will find southern India to be very different – food, culture and scenery. Our trip leader, Sudhakar S Selwyn, was one of the best we have had the privilege of traveling with. Every day we had many unplanned discoveries and adventures that added to our understanding and appreciation of Indian culture. From visiting with village local festivals to stopping at meat markets Sudhakar made sure we saw the real India. In all our travels we have never seen such friendly people. The people love to have their picture taken (I always show them their picture.) I was exploring by myself in Mahabalipuram when I came upon some men playing a game I thought was backgammon. They explained the game to me and invited me to play with them. My wife and I highly recommend this trip.

Ingrid, Polling Bayern Germany

mit Dir war die Indienreise sehr erlebnisreich, Herzlichen Dank dafür.

Sepp Griesbeck Bayern Germany

Diese zwei Wochen werden uns unvergesslich bleiben.

Felice and Jordan Miller LA, CA, USA

South India-A feast of colors, sights, sounds, a photographers paradise. A real cultural safari--Our guide Sudha provided us with early morning and late night "discoveries" and golden adventures. We were going into peoples homes, talking with them about their lives, work, families, religion; we constantly stopped on our bus to explore whatever Sudha spied--i.e., cremations, farmers, pilgrimages, hidden temples--trying out local places for Indian snacks.

Cynthia James USA

Sudhakar Selwyn was one of the best trip leaders we have ever experienced and that is coming from people who have gone on 20 OAT/Grand Circle trips. He always looked for and/or created “learning and discovery” opportunities.

Michelle Craft California, USA

I want to state how absolutely incredible and amazing our trip leader Sudhakar was. He always went out of his way to find authentic and interesting experiences for the group. He also was always doing everything he could to accommodate each travelers needs and make everything go as smoothly as possible for us.