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Teaching highly esteemed as a noble profession in India. Teachers are therefore highly regarded and are considered above God and next to parents according to a Sanskrit quote “Maatha Pitha Guru Deivam”. That’s in the order of importance to a child’s life.

English is one of the official languages of India and many schools teach the language. Still, a large amount of students have difficulty in expressing themselves correctly. You could make a huge difference in the lives of youngsters by encouraging them to converse in English, the language that puts them in touch with the rest of the world. Their enthusiasm can easily be kindled in class as they all keenly look forward to a boost in their confidence levels, higher education, challenging jobs, and even understand and enjoy English channels. You can carry photos, CDs, magazines, currencies, from your home to start with. The children who are taught would gain a lot in the areas of Conversational English that would take them a long way in their future and you too gain valuable teaching skills in the process. Placements are in primary or secondary schools, special schools and also colleges. You will be assisted and guided by the senior teachers at school or our staff, as and when you may require it. Discussions with others on similar grounds could also be a support. BPO has been the latest mantra in India today and lots of youngsters are looking to jobs in the field where training is also provided. A strong knowledge of the English knowledge is therefore essential to all scholars stepping out to look for green pastures.

It’s a unique experience that gives tremendous opportunities to have a deeper look into the fast improving medical field of India. The range of setups vary from primitive primary health centers in rural areas to the ones that are no different from the highly equipped ones of the Western World and you can have a first hand idea of the functioning of them all during your stay with us. Undoubtedly, it would be a unique experience where you come across some Indian influences mixed in the medical system. India having a rich heritage in areas of traditional or natural medicines, like Siddha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Holistic healing, etc., you can have a taste of how those treatments are used as well. You can inform us beforehand of your interest in practically any field of medicine, be it pediatrics, surgery, organ transplants, cosmetic surgical procedures, urology, gynaecology or any other field of your interest. Placements can be tailored, wherever possible, to suit each volunteer's level of relevant experience and interests, and to a preferred size and type of hospital or clinic. It would be a good experience of the realities of medicine in a fast developing country.

There is a growing demand for the hospitality industry following the boom in tourism, both domestic and international, and India has geared up to meet the requirements from ordinary, simple restaurants and hotels to 7 star ones. India being a very hospitable country, hospitality comes naturally to the people and you can have a taste of it from the time you get off your plane, onto the Indian soil. You can play host in some of the popular hotels, involve yourself in guest relations or any other department(s) of your choice. You get to learn the differences in cultures and you can well compare and contrast guests of different cultures / regions, know the various demands of the domestic and foreign tourists and learn the Indian and European ways of hospitality. You can also choose from hill or beach resorts, those in wildlife sanctuaries or in the midst of busy towns and cities. You can try your skills at the various departments, from the Kitchen to the Reception. It’s an exciting opportunity to discover how leisure industry works in a different culture.

IBy involving yourself in care and community programmes in mental health institutions, day care centers, orphanages, homes for the elderly, you will be making a significant change in the lives of the inmates, especially children and old people. By monitoring their day to day activities including their grooming and involving children in popular activities like sports, art, music and drama you would also be helping in shaping their social lives extensively. All one may need is enthusiasm, patience, initiative and involvement. Though this may not be a solving factor to the huge social and economic problems prevalent in the country, it would be a small bit in making some positive contributions to the lives of many lonely souls.

India is making huge leaps in the area of communication and information technology, and not only Bangalore, but Chennai and Hyderabad in South India are also contributing largely towards its development. Chennai is well poised to take over Bangalore soon to become number one in India in the industry. All leading international companies have their setups in these cities too. And here are the practical work situations that provide interesting challenges with enriching experiences in state-of-art setups. So, these could be designed to suit each individual’s requirements based on one’s qualifications, previous work experiences, individual preferences and aspirations. Due to this career related aspect, please attach your CV and explain the type of placement you'd like us to organize for you. The best option would be to place yourself in Chennai, which gives lots of opportunities for weekend get-a-ways to beaches or temples. A week or so could also be spent in the other cities.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the Indian Population. You can spend time in the rich green rice fields, vegetable and flower gardens, tea or spice plantations and other agricultural areas. You can spend time with the farmers and the farm labourers and get first hand accounts from them on their work modes, field details, difficulties involved, lifestyles, and further processing and sale of their products.

Journalism is another growing industry in India, following her fast developing economical conditions. You have tremendous opportunities to work with print or electronic media. The numerous English and Regional language magazines which get published from various cities and towns offer you a wide choice to stay, ranging from metro cities to villages.

Either you learn the skills from local professionals or you share your skills with the less experienced if you are already an expert. Both ways, it is something you would enjoy greatly as it would involve direct interactions with various categories of people. This project would help you understand the social, cultural and political systems of India better. As you go deeper into the country side you could also come across the more primitive social and religious practices which are still a part of life of the people there and unknown to the Western World. If you are interested in electronic media, we can place you with some of the private broadcasters who have a range of programmes including news, business, entertainment and sports.

Films are greatly sought after by the Indians as the chief mode of entertainment. They give great opportunities for publicity and have been a strong mode of advertisement for some leading political figures of the country. The Indian film industry is also the largest in the world and it is an interesting mix of romance, melodrama, fights, songs and music. You can witness firsthand how the film units are involved in making such movies and what amount of work and difficulty are put into each film that can result in a mega hit or a flop. You could interact with and assist in the various sections – shooting units, photography, production, direction, editing, costumes, etc. and have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

This is something everyone enjoys. It pulls people out of their shells, nurtures friendship and increases social bonding. You can start sports teams and organize tournaments. You can get many people involved and inculcate a sense of belonging. Whether you are well experienced or not at all, you will still enjoy doing this if you have a flair for sports and coaching. You may find some schools short of required resources or without a strong positive attitude toward games. With a little initiative, you will have gained a sense of satisfaction seeing your work rewarded – a lot of happiness and increased involvement of those you had involved in the sports; Because children are pretty excited about sports and they have unlimited appetite for it. Our sports projects focus on cricket, hockey, volleyball, football, athletics, swimming, tennis and martial arts as well.

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